Evan Clinton

is making waves on the New England entertainment scene.

 Fresh out of high school, he got his feet wet as a stage hypnotist and DJ before focusing on acting. He began taking classes with Academy-Award Winner Ernest Thompson (On Golden Pond) and Morgan Murphy - a first generation student of Sanford Meisner. Evan ascended the ladder of their company, Whitebridge Farm Productions; having been cast as an extra in the film Time and Charges, a featured role in Heavenly Angle, and as a lead opposite Ernest himself in the World Premiere theatre production of Political Suicide - all written and directed by Mr. Thompson.

Since then, Evan has continued studying acting with Steve Blackwood (Days of Our Lives) and currently, Alessio Cappelletti; who teaches the techniques of Richard Boleslavsky, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and Michael Chekhov - just to name a few. He has also  worked with numerous other production companies in the New England area, including Scorpio Film Releasing, Peppered Productions, Olson Entertainment Studios, and most recently, Perseverance Productions.

Evan has constructed a home studio for recording voiceovers and hosting live video gameplay via the Twitch and Facebook streaming services. He is also a variety content creator on TikTok, and has launched the brand name Flagship Productions.

When not on set, stage, or in the studio, Evan enjoys making waves (literally) working for Mount Washington Cruises on Lake Winnipesaukee; and rocking out as an associate at the Chaos and Kindness flagship store - both based in Laconia, New Hampshire.


"...In both Clinton’s and Langille’s performances opposite Thompson, they hold the audience’s attention in equal measure. No small accomplishment in a production in which Ernest Thompson quite simply steals the show."

Jessica Davis

"Evan Clinton, as the drama professor and play director, Jason, enacts his often grandiose role spectacularly. The flare Clinton puts into his every gesture and line creates a character that is consistently watchable."

Andrew Buckner

"...Evan did one of the best ad-libbed monologues I've ever heard. Filled with tears and visceral imagery (Stella Adler image work), his monologue was based on the script to the legendary film, 'Philadelphia'.
Cast this guy! He is amazing."

Alessio Cappelletti


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